Staying in Kanyakumari – 20 March 2011 – The Festival of Colours

What the hell is that? – 4.30 am – a huge sound system is pumping music on the beach – there’s no escaping it – I call reception – its Sunday – market day – let’s get up at 4 and make a racket day – so – no alarm – no lay in – what do I expect in India – I’m up – time to write the blog then and pack my bike – crazy times – sleep deprivation – a porter knocks on my door 6 – he obviously knows I cannot be in bed with this noise – but he gives me fruit and water – so not all bad – it this good customer service – or is it all about timing?  I decide my whole backpack and bike can go in one box – the rest of my stuff will be disposed of over the next 2 days – my bike spares are with Vinny – the staff have been tipped – I’m downsizing in a big way.

Spoke to the family last night – all seems well – a box has arrived from Goa so they have some presents already – today I’m exploring the town and heading for a pool or the beach – today is the festival of colours – all over India – I expect to be covered in paints at some stage – they go crazy for it here – I better be careful – my clothes have to last me just one more day.

I did a quick interview with Morgans cameraman Erik about my experiences on the trip then head down to the waterfront – it’s a cool little place selling shells, pearls, street food, bags, textiles etc. – any really cheap here – probably the cheapest I’ve seen in India – more likely I’ve been overpaying everywhere else.  I visit the Gandhi Mandapam – a museum where his ashes once were – this is the place he walked to for the right to make salt – there are a lot of Indian tourists here – visiting shrines and temples – its buzzing but not overbearing and a great way to wind down after this trip. The place is also unique as it has both a great sunrise and sunset being on the southern point of India.  Most bikes are boxed now – people are relaxed and   planning their departure.  I’m probably going to swim in the sea and take it easy now – done some shopping – seem the sights – all by 10am – the benefits of a 4.30 start.  Back to Kovalem tomorrow for the final day there.

Just bumped into an English guy – Tom – he has just finished a solo tour with panniers from London – through Europe – all the way here – makes our trip look like a day trip.  He’s not the first rider we’ve seen – there was Alan from Ireland who joined us for 3 days around our elephant incident – and I met a 51 year old Indian guy who did 30 hours flat – Delhi to Mumbai – so there’s a few out there seeing the world by bike.


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4 Responses to Staying in Kanyakumari – 20 March 2011 – The Festival of Colours

  1. Carla Pennington-Schwitek says:

    I just simply want to say a gracious Thank You. Reading your blog has made me smile, laugh, cringe and cry. It has made me feel like I was able to glimpse into and share a bit of your journey……. :). Also, Thanks for all of the amusing stories that you have shared about my brother and you……..we have all had a little laugh at your humorous antic’s. Thanks for keeping it real!
    Carla Pennington-Schwitek

  2. Kev and Karen says:

    Clive – well done on completing the trip. It’s been fantastic keeping up to date with all your adventures. You should get someone to publish your memoirs! Look forward to seeing you soon and hearing more about it. All the best. Kev and Karen.

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